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10-Inch Digital Photo Frame

With impressive image quality and the convenience of motion sensor auto on/off, this beautiful 10-inch digital photo frame can show up to 10,000 of your favorite photos from an SD card or USB flash drive. Enjoy simple plug-and-play automatic operation without complicated setup and no software to install. Change photos easily by inserting another SD card or USB drive.


Introductory Special!


Plays Photos

View up to 10,000 photos in a slideshow, sequentially by name or in random order, with adjustable speed and transition effects. 

Plays Videos

Watch videos and movies up to 1920x1080p resolution, with continuous looping and repeat. Supports MP4 and MKV formats. 

Plays Music

Enjoy background music or select and play specific songs. Listen through the built-in speakers or connect a pair of headphones!


Motion Sensor

When nearby motion is detected, the photo frame automatically turns on and resumes playing photos or videos.

Saves power by going to sleep when no one is around to view the photos


Portrait or Landscape

The built-in orientation sensor automatically detects whether the photo frame is placed horizontally or vertically.

You have the freedom of choosing whichever placement that best fit your photos.

No more fear of taking vertical photos, they will look great!

Calendar and Clock Display

Month-view calendar with current date and time, along with your photos playing in the background

Auto On/Off Schedule

Turns on or off automatically at the set time and day of the week. Selectable daily, weekday, and weekend schedules.

Alarm Clock

Plays an alarm tone at the set time and day of the week. Selectable daily, weekday, and weekend schedules.